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Hand Made Fenders

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Boardtrack Parts, How-to's
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We used to make these fenders for the bobber crowd.  We had a buck made to fit very tightly to the profile of the common 16″ wheels.  It was a lot of work.  Now we mostly turn this business away as we focus on our other production items.  However, we still own our tooling and have been known to do a few here and there for our buddies.

Heres how we do it.

knucklehead bobber fender

First we have a friend who is a metal spinner.  He has been doing it for 30 years.  He spins the flat metal sheet down onto our tooling and makes these beautiful “half-donuts”.  We take two of these pieces and mate them together.  We insert thin fender washers to give us a weld gap for excellent weld penetration.

Then we tack alternating sides back and forth while making sure the seams stay in line.  This is the tricky part- you will notice the metal will move around a lot!

We then finish weld the fender while shrinking it along the way.  As you pull the weld you will notice the seams starting to expand and come out of line, you have to shrink the metal as you go to get 360 degrees of uniformity.

We then dress the welds (grind them down).

Finally after finishing the weld, we use a pattern to cut a half radius for the fender tip and straight cut the back.  We get two fenders from one complete donut.  If you feel like you are up to the challenge, we will sell you the raw donuts and you can follow this tech to make nice bobber fenders for you and your friends.  This will save you the expense of having to make tooling and do production runs.  Our fenders fit like a dream and can be seen on our website at


Leather Battery Cover

Posted: November 19, 2010 in How-to's

Heres a How-To for that battery of yours!

1)  Get some leather from Tandy Leather or your local supplier.  We use a heavy top saddle type.

2)  Cut your pattern using light poster board or construction paper from your local arts and crafts supply.  Leave an additional 1/32 over your battery dimensions.

3)  Transfer your pattern to the leather

4)  Use an Awl or leather punch to make your thread holes.  Use a ruler to mark your holes symmetrically.

5)  Lace your preferred stitch pattern.  Hint : we start in the top corner, work down, then return back to the top and tie our knots in the top corners.